Top Reasons to choose Prime

Our knowledge and expertise provides a first class service

PRA has over 10 years of experience and an average of 97.50% satisfaction rating

PRA provide the best value

With up-front pricing, we have various plans for every budget, whether it’s our basic or full-service moving packages

PRA make it easy

We plan every detail ahead of time so there are no hidden supervises on your moving day. We think of the extras, protecting floors, even bringing additional boxes for those unwanted belongings which could find a good home at a charity.

PRA door to door service provides comprehensive insurance from Inter-trans Insurance USA

PRA have a number of exclusive services that can make your move ever better including handy man service, valet service and maid service.

PRA are experts in moving anything with the utmost care

Trying to move a precious painting? A large musical instrument? A priceless collection of fine china? Our Specialist Services unit has over 10 years of experience transporting those special family items

PRA can move you anywhere worldwide

We operate in 3 most difficult and complicated countries of Asia to all over the world, you can move anywhere around the global and we will take care of it for you.

PRA door-to-door storage solutions

Storage is full-service with pristine care. We provide you with an extremely competitive price and 24/7 access guaranteed

PRA believe in strong custom