Warehouse Storage

Prime Relocations offers a safe, clean and secure storage option for your effects whilst in transit or long-term storage. When in our care your effects will be stored in purpose-built modules designed to enhance the security and safety of each item.

Our dedicated storage facilities allow easy access to your effects, subject to reasonable notification. This allows you to add or remove items from storage.

All our storage facilities are maintained to the highest standards and are installed with back to base security monitoring.

Our storage options are flexible and provide for: 

  • Long or short term arrangements
  • Normal and climate control storage 
  • Pay by the cubic metre not by the unit (Although minimum charges are involved) 
  • Large or oversized items can be accommodated

Furniture & Household Storage

As well as storing items of extreme value, we provide storage for any household item you require.

We apply the principle that every item in your home is priceless. Quite simply this means that we take care with every item so that nothing is broken or crammed into a storage box. We will pack each item so that when it is unpacked at delivery, it is in the same condition that it was put there - unharmed.

Prime Relocation’s furniture storage provides clean and secure storage for the larger things such as sofas, beds, tables, chairs to the smaller items such as electrical equipment, CDs, books, photo albums and knick-knacks. Nothing is too small or large – we even offer vehicle storage.

Whatever your storage requirements, your items will be kept safe in their own storage vault or storage container if you have enough items.

Storage Collection & Delivery

Prime’s storage service includes collection and delivery of your items to and from our storage facility.

Our experienced storage staff will come to collect your items from your home or requested locations at your most convenient time. Each items are properly packed for the storage following your instruction, this protected your goods from any smallest damage during the transportation and storage at the warehouse.

Our storage people will carefully load your goods onto storage vault or container in a safety order to ensure of maximum protection for goods and  saving space as well as money for you. Every storage item is inventoried before it is stored away that you can easily call for your goods whenever you need them.

For particularly large volume of storage items we will send our consultant prior to the collection. He will make sure every single item is well planed and packed for smooth move as well as storage.