Record Management

Businesses are increasingly facing the challenge of managing their office records for regulatory compliance, ensuring privacy and security, disaster recovery and timely access to vital information. Our expertise in managing records in the most effective way helps businesses control their costs, improve access and protect information. 

We provide a total solution to meet your needs, including secure collection, indexing, packing, storage, retrieval, insertions, tracking and destruction of documents. The records are packed in special containers and transported from your offices to our record centres. They are safely kept in a climate-controlled room that is protected with the latest fire protection and smoke-detection system. With the computerized tracking system, each file is bar coded. This ensures easy access and accurate retrievals of your documents. 

You can fully rely on us to manage your information and deliver it to you when you need it. Our in house team will deliver the information you need, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Urgent retrieval requests can be delivered via fax or scanning and emailing the documents to you. 

We take confidentiality and safety of your documents very seriously. Each of our employees is bonded by a confidentiality agreement. Only people authorized by you are allowed to enter the warehouse. The facility is equipped with 24x7 security, electronic surveillance cameras and motion detectors. 

If you use our services, your staff can easily retrieve the required information and save a lot of time that can be utilized productively elsewhere. It will give you better access to information and also improve your decision-making ability.